Full Body Military Grade iPhone Case

Ever felt like throwing your phone against the wall in a daze of fury? Well now’s your lucky day! With this full-body military-grade iPhone case you will find added features of your phone that even Apple forgot to mention. Need a nutcracker? With this rock-hard case, your phone has you covered. Want your phone to survive a three-story drop unscathed? Or withstand up to 346lbs (157kg) in weight? Done. This reliable phone case is invincible.

full body military case shockproof

The last thing that should be on your mind is how fragile your phone is! The experience of dropping a phone and having it shatter into a million pieces as your heart does the same is an experience many are familiar with. It’s become a universal fear and it simply doesn’t have to be. Smartphones aren’t exactly known for their sturdiness once dropped or hit with anything hard, this is the clear reason for the wide variety of cases we see on the market. But how trustworthy are these cases? We hear story after story of case cracks or phones falling out of cases to their untimely demise. With the Full Body Military Grade iPhone Case, you’ll never have to worry about any unfortunate mishaps or case damage.

So, whether you work in any high-demand physical job where phones tend to fall to their ends such as construction, or simply don’t want your phone to get cracked from falling out of your pocket – this is the case for you (not to mention that it’s dust and debris proof)!

full body military case dustproof

You won’t even have to worry about dropping your phone into a puddle as you either rush home in the rain or traverse wetlands – this stellar case is waterproof to splashes. This case will help your phone to treck on with you through rain, wind or storm! Don’t even worry about your beloved pet getting its teeth into your beloved phone! The case is scratch and shockproof, so though it’s not recommended that an iPhone be used as a chew toy, it certainly won't do much harm with this case involved.

What can’t it do?

“What exactly makes this case different?” you may ask. Apart from its stiff upper lip and fighting talk, this case comes with a variety of features that are next to impossible to find contained within the same case. It's aluminum alloy, silicone, and tempered glass makeup make it hard to compare to most cases. It’s simply on the next level of protection with these sturdy materials being weaved together to create an unconquerable armor for the safety of your phone. And all of that topped off with a screen protector just to ensure that your phone is ready for an attack on all sides!

military case full body

You might assume then that this bulletproof case would hinder your use of the phone. The case has been designed to allow your phone a snug yet tight fit with ease of access to all ports. And no need to worry about the camera! Gone are the days where you would have to give up camera quality for phone protection – this military-grade protection case leaves plenty of way for your camera so all your photos can turn out just as crisp and perfect as you want them to.

full body military case camera protection

And no, don’t even think for a second that those heavy-duty metals used to construct the case will cause your phone to overheat wildly. It won’t. The case has been structured to allow for optimal heat regulation, keeping your phone cool, calm, and collected whatever the temperature. Due to features such as this hear regulating ability, sound can also be effectively channeled through the phone. This means that you’ll not have to give up sound quality for phone protection – your songs, videos, and ringtones will all sound the same as ever. Your microphone quality will also be left untouched.

If that’s not enough to convince you, the phone even comes with ergonomic volume buttons alongside a user-friendly ring/vibrate switch allowing you not only ease of use but ease of mind as you deftly navigate your phone – all with the knowledge that your health is being taken care of.

full body military case easily accessible

The unbeatable case is the protector of all considering that it can be used on any iPhone from the iPhone 5 and up. This case can thus be considered as a device-safety mechanism by most iPhone users. With its outstandingly affordable price considering its quality and how much it could save in possible damages; this iPhone case is a must-have! Its multitude of features will not let you down and you will breathe a sigh of relief next time your phone drops on its screen-covered-face. So, what are you waiting for?! Save yourself the regrets, cover your precious phone, and snap one up today!

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