The Best Tips and Accessories to Help You Win Your 2021 Resolutions

What a year 2020 has been! We discovered so much scope for resilience and kindness, in ourselves and in others. It was particularly awesome to see people come together to help each other, or to make sure they do their part. Businesses also pivoted and evolved. We now enjoy a new standard of customer service! 

There’s no going back. We can only keep moving forward. Are you working from home or studying from home? How’s your 2021 going so far? What’s in your plans? 

New year always comes with resolutions because the whole year is wide open for us to make things happen! 

Best of luck! And in the meantime, here are our tips and recommended accessories to help you win 2021.

Make healthier choices

You’ve probably already bought subscriptions to certain weight loss or fitness apps. You’re probably all set with a smartwatch and fitness tracker. 

Did you know that experts actually advise against making a resolution of losing weight? It’s true! So many articles talk about it. Instead, they recommend that you resolve to make healthier choices. Everyday. 

This means eating good food and cutting back on unhealthy ones, scheduling daily exercise, and saying no to things that will encroach on your me-time: your time for yourself, your family, and your sleep.  

Does that give you ideas now? Yep. You might want to tweak your resolutions. Make good habits! 

Invest in apps and tools to support good habits

Planning to ride your bike as your daily workout? Get a waterproof bike mount! 

Want to talk to your family and friends more? Get phone and tablet stands that make you look good in video calls! The same holders are handy for recipes and cooking videos if you want to cook more. It’s a good way to unplug. Instead of ordering food or mindlessly scrolling through social media, you’d be chopping away and making magic in your kitchen! 

Want to be more productive? Get to-do apps and time tracking devices that can organize your day (and shame you into realizing where your time goes). 

It’s all about setting yourself up for success. 

Use your phone to track your progress. Sign up with apps like DietBet, Noom, Habitica that give you rewards and a sense of community and accountability. This is important!

When you reach a goal, this produces dopamine, the excitement chemical. That’s the same chemical all the Likes and Retweets on social media give you. But now put it to good use. It motivates you to keep going. It makes you happy. 

Now, if you’ll be using your phone a lot while keeping track of your new healthy habits, protect your phone from accidents. Get armored cases! 

Think of your why’s

For businesses, this is their “mission and vision.” For your goals and resolutions, it’s your big reason. 

According to experts, your goals should have:

  • Reason
  • Research
  • Repetition
  • Responsibility
  • Reward

We already immediately Google things when we want to start something. That’s research. We get informed. That’s only right to make sure you’re doing things correctly. And you don’t want to waste time doing things wrong, right? 

Repetition: that’s why it’s all about making healthier choices. Choices by repetition become habits. Habits become your lifestyle, your lifestyle influences your choices. It’s a cycle. 

Responsibility and reward: this is why you need to invest in apps and tools that have a community of people doing the same thing. You can also tell friends and family so they can support you (and remind you to put down that cake since you said you’ll cut back on sugar). 

Reason is the one thing we often forget and lose sight of when we make goals. 

WHY do you want to lose weight? Maybe because you want to get healthy so your kids wouldn’t have that risk of losing a parent early to hypertension. 

WHY do you want to be more productive? Perhaps to get that promotion? Or maybe to see yourself capable of setting up your own business...  

See? Digging into your WHY will make your goals that much more purposeful. 

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