A warm welcome to you from us here at Little Everyday Things (LET for short)! 😊
We're deeply honored to have you here.
The creators behind Little Everyday Things are Natalia (on the left of the photo) and Elena (right).
créatrices des petits plus au quotidien
Natalia and Elena are sisters who led quite ordinary lives before creating their store: both were science majors, engineering to be precise. It wasn't long before they started to wonder if they really wanted to end up behind a desk for the rest of their lives...

One option that emerged for the sisters was to start a business together. Yea, but... what kind of business?
After putting their heads together for several weeks, one thing was clear: Natalia and Elena wanted to provide value to their future customers. They were desperate to form a bond with them, and to feel like their business made a difference in their lives.

How then, were they going to improve peoples' daily lives? Which products could they create to fulfill this ambition?

Then came the 'Eureka' moment: we take our iPhones with us everywhere, don't we?
So, it was decided, we were going to offer iPhone owners the best accessories, at the best price, to serve their needs, and to bring them our little everyday things...every day. 😊

If you want to get in touch, for a question about our products, or even just to say hello and talk shop, you can do so by clicking here.


We are honored to donate a share of our profits to the international association Save The Children® whose mission is to provide children across the world with access to school, to food, to healthcare, and to protection from harm.